Step Into the Digital Art Space with the NAGAX Creator Fund

Win up to $100K to launch your collection with the support of a crypto community like no other
Applications Accepted: May 1st — September 30th, 2022

What is the NAGAX Creator Fund?

The NAGAX Creator Fund is your ideal launch pad for your NFT collection! Get ahead as NAGAX will reward the most creative artists up to $100K in marketing and support.
Application Process
Sign up with the form below by submitting your project proposal or/and portfolio
Creators will then receive an email to complete your application on
Recipients will receive up to $100K worth of marketing support to launch and promote their collection!
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NAGAX NFT Marketplace
Connect. Create. Mint. Trade.
0 Gas Fees to Mint on NAGAX
Sell instantly
Create Your Own Unique Storefront
Auction to the highest bidder
Connect Globally on the Ethereum Blockchain Instantly
Drop to create buzz
Win up to $100K & Get Your Work Showcased to Millions
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