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Sharing is Caring! Coca-Cola’s Special Friendship Day NFT Collection
Coca-Cola is sharing the love with its new interactive NFT collection in collaboration with Polygon (MATIC). Read more!
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The Most Popular and Best Selling NFT Collections of May 2022
NFTs have become a huge trend in 2021 and are evolving even more in 2022. Continue reading to discover the highest selling NFTs for May.
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NFT Sneakers and the Move-To-Earn Trend: Get Rewarded While Jogging
As the market for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) evolves, big brands are springing up with more and more ways to engage audiences. Developers are coming up with new game-changing mechanisms to keep customers interested, and one of them is the "NFT sneakers".
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Get the Scoop on the Latest NFT Art Heist - Why You Should Only Mint at NAGAX!
It seems as if the Bored Ape Yacht Club cannot catch a break. As art becomes digital art thieves are on the rise and the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection is a major target.
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From Jungle to the Moon! Is the ‘Otherside’ the Biggest Mint in History?
The well-known Yuga Labs finally drop the ‘Otherdeed for Otherside” NFT collection after months of teasing. Continue reading the NAGAX blog for more crypto and NFT news you need today.
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Stepping into STEPN: The First ‘Fitness’ Token on NAGAX
While the majority of metaverse tokens have seen significant pain lately, falling 90% from their recent peaks, one token seems to be on the up and up. The STEPN (GMT) has experienced a massive rally since the release of IEO/IDO.
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NFT-Craze: The Hottest Trends and Most Expensive Digital Bits Ever Sold
With each passing year, works of art are gaining a foothold in virtual space. The word ‘NFT’ is appearing more and more frequently in the news headlines. What are those mysterious three letters hiding?
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