Weekly Recap

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NAGAX Weekly Recap 25 April - 29 April
Another week has gone by with a couple of worth-mentioning highlights in the crypto space. Let's take a look at each one of them right here, right now. 👇🏻
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NAGAX Weekly Recap 30 May - 3 June
Another week flew by already! Continue reading to get the latest crypto weekly roundup. NAGAX Blog is your ideal crypto analysis and market roundup.
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NAGAX Weekly Recap 18 April - 22 April
It's time for the weekly recap! 🔍 Let's get straight into it and explore the main market movers and news.
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NAGAX Weekly Recap 9 May - 13 May
It seems like everyone's eyes are glued to the chart at the moment, as Bitcoin and basically all cryptocurrencies are suffering one of the harshest crashes seen in a long time. 📉 Let's get into this weeks review.
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NAGAX Weekly Recap 2 May - 6 May
Let's dive into the NAGAX Weekly recap. 📝 From NFT news, to airdrops and more the NAGAX Blog is your ideal source for all things crypto news
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NAGAX Weekly Recap 23 May - 27 May
Did you catch the weekly recap this week? Continue reading to learn about the most trending news in the crypto sphere you won't want to miss.
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Market Analysis

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Crypto Starting The Week Strong, But Will Global Events Affect it? | Daily News & Weekly Forecast 6/6/22
This weeks upcoming economic events are in! Continue reading to get the latest of what is coming up that could rattle the crypto markets along with your daily market analysis from our professional market analyst.
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The Non-Farm Payroll: Results Are In, What Does That Mean For Cryptocurrency?!
Hot off the presses! Read on to get the scoop on the May's NFP report and how it could be shaking the crypto market.
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Markets Awaiting The FOMC as Possible Recession Looms | Daily News 15/6/22
Daily crypto news that you shouldn’t miss!
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Bitcoin Back At $30,000 👀 After A 2 Day Tease For The Bulls | Daily News 2/6/22
Continue to get the latest in daily news as we review Bitcoin, ETH and what to expect for the upcoming NFP.
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A Bearish Sentiment Still Remains; Today A Big Day For ALL! | Daily News 3/6/22
Read on to get the latest daily crypto news from a professional market analyst today. Discover how Bitcoin and other altcoins performed for the start of June.
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Crypto - More Bullish Than Bearish And Here’s Why | Daily News 23/6/22
Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a new stablecoin backed by GBP are in the daily news today. Continue reading the daily market analysis for more.
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From Jungle to the Moon! Is the ‘Otherside’ the Biggest Mint in History?
The well-known Yuga Labs finally drop the ‘Otherdeed for Otherside” NFT collection after months of teasing. Continue reading the NAGAX blog for more crypto and NFT news you need today.
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The Most Popular and Best Selling NFT Collections of May 2022
NFTs have become a huge trend in 2021 and are evolving even more in 2022. Continue reading to discover the highest selling NFTs for May.
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Stepping into STEPN: The First ‘Fitness’ Token on NAGAX
While the majority of metaverse tokens have seen significant pain lately, falling 90% from their recent peaks, one token seems to be on the up and up. The STEPN (GMT) has experienced a massive rally since the release of IEO/IDO.
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Get the Scoop on the Latest NFT Art Heist - Why You Should Only Mint at NAGAX!
It seems as if the Bored Ape Yacht Club cannot catch a break. As art becomes digital art thieves are on the rise and the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection is a major target.
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NFT Sneakers and the Move-To-Earn Trend: Get Rewarded While Jogging
As the market for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) evolves, big brands are springing up with more and more ways to engage audiences. Developers are coming up with new game-changing mechanisms to keep customers interested, and one of them is the "NFT sneakers".
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NFT-Craze: The Hottest Trends and Most Expensive Digital Bits Ever Sold
With each passing year, works of art are gaining a foothold in virtual space. The word ‘NFT’ is appearing more and more frequently in the news headlines. What are those mysterious three letters hiding?
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All you need to know about NAGA Coin (NGC) and its benefits!
Did you know NAGA has our very own coin? That’s right NAGA Coin (NGC) is our native token you want to miss out on at NAGAX. Continue reading to discover the exclusive benefits you could gain from being an NGC holder.
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Hot Assets You Should Check Out Today | May 24, 2022
Check out the daily NAGAX Hot Assets. We will review top gainers, top losers, and the most trending cryptos on our platform. Continue reading for more.
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The Start of a Digital Currency Domino Effect: Panama and Central Africa Approve Crypto Regulations
Although digital assets have been around for over a decade, more and more countries are embracing the crypto-life by making cryptocurrency a legal form of tender, or introducing more framework. Continue reading to learn more.
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Crypto Geometry: Is Polygon the Next Big Figure in the Crypto Space?
Learn more about Polygon and its potential to soar in line with the PoS mechanism.
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Crypto Slang 101
Your crypto slang guide is here! Cryptocurrency could be daunting for many as the new digital currency wave continues to come.
NAGAX Crypto Crash
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The 2022 Crypto Crash: Bitcoin Collapses to $33,500 and the ‘Extreme Fear’ Has Gripped the Crypto Market
As we are all HODLing the financial markets have seen better days. The crypto market, in particular, has reached what some say is the ‘2022 Crypto Crash’, but what exactly caused this crash and what could traders do at NAGAX in reaction to it?
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NAGAX Updates

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Top 5 reasons to be on NAGAX
NAGAX is finally here (although let’s face it, the wait wasn’t too long 😉) so it’s time to discuss all those features you all have been waiting for. Here are the top 5 reasons for you to create an account on NAGAX:
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NAGAX Mobile App is Live - Download Now!
Enjoy quick and secure access to Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more cryptocurrencies! Buy and trade crypto anytime, anywhere.
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NAGAX is Live: Discover the Next-Level Crypto Social Trading Platform
NAGAX is live, and we're super excited to invite you to start trading already now.
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A Call to All Artists & Creators - Get up to 100K: The NAGAX Creator Fund is Here
The NAGAX Creator Fund is your ideal launch pad for your NFT collection! Get ahead as NAGAX will reward the most creative artists with up to $100K in marketing and support.
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The New Crypto Gold Rush: What’s All the Fuss About Airdrops?
Today, marketing campaigns are used everywhere and cryptocurrency is no exception. The Airdrop system is designed specifically to promote new projects that have just appeared on the market.
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Can you even Meme? NAGAX's Meme Competition is On!
Memes are a staple in the crypto community. As NAGAX embraces memes we are hosting a Meme Competition! 👉 Continue reading to learn how you can enter in 2 easy steps and win up to 500 worth of NAGA Coins!
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