NAGAX - built from fellow Crypto Enthusiasts to make crypto trading accessible to all!

NAGAX is an all-in-one social crypto investing platform. We at NAGAX believe the crypto and DeFi space is the future; where the future is now!
Accessible Trading
Our vision is to provide a safe, accessible and advantageous environment for all tiers of traders around the world. By offering an extensive asset offering, free trading education, as well as a safe platform to discuss trading experience with other traders, we aim to making trading accessible for everyone around the globe.
Crypto Made Social
We are on a mission to become the leading social cryptocurrency exchange which will centralize core financial products & professional education for traders of all backgrounds.
We're hiring
Trailblazing the Fintech industry
Our company's group consists of over 300 ambitious and professional people working with a common goal of building the leading social & crypto trading platform in the world. If you're a Fintech-fanatic like us, see NAGAX open roles and join us on our journey!


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