Gear up for eco-adventures at the Mt. Isarog National Park!

Only 15 minutes away from Naga’s bustling urban center, tourists can enjoy the breathtaking panorama of endemic flora and fauna and swim in the relaxing waterfalls and streams of Mt. Isarog, one of the oldest and well-preserved natural forest parks in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia, boasting of bio-diversity unequalled in the region, with more than 4,569 different species of plants and animals.

Mt. Isarog is also the highest forested peak in Southern Luzon, and is a favorite of mountain-climbers because of its challenging moss- and cloud-covered trails. Hiking at the National Park is also ranked third by Lonely Planet in its list of things to do in Southeast Luzon.

Guests will surely be delighted by the breath-taking adventures in store such as zip lining, wall climbing, rappelling, wave pool, helmet diving, horse-back riding, biking, ATV rides, and a golf course and driving range.

After these fun-filled activities, a calming, invigorating dip into the therapeutic geothermal hot springs of Mt. Isarog, set within a rainforest gorge, will surely be a welcome treat.

Haciendas de Naga

Haciendas de Naga Adventure Park

Haciendas de Naga offers a wide array of activities for visitors, such as wall climbing, rappelling, zip
lining, a 2,000-sq. meter artificial wave pool overlooking the city, fishing, horseback riding, a golf course and driving range and an all-time favorite, pili nut picking.


Consocep Mountain Resort

Located at the eastern portion of Mt. Isarog, travelers to this mountain retreat can experience
first-hand local customs like eating the traditional betel nut (locally called nganga), visiting the Deer Farm and plunging into the cool and refreshing waters of Mt. Isarog’s countless waterfalls. | Photo Source

Malabsay Falls

Malabsay Falls

A forty-foot high cascade of pristine cool waters from the slopes of Mt. Isarog, barely 10 minutes by car from Panicuason Hot Springs Resort, Malabsay Falls is a refreshing delight for visitors after a half-hour trek through the rain forest, complete with a breathtaking view of Naga City and the greenery surrounding it.

Hot Spring

Panicuason Hot Springs Resort and Adventure Park

Tucked away at the bottom of one of Mt. Isarog’s river ravines in Naga’s East Highland Tourism
Zone, Panicuason Hot Springs Resort offers several natural pools with temperatures ranging from a refreshing 20 to a relaxing 39 degrees Celsius. Recent additions to its facilities include camping sites, zip lines, rapelling and wall-climbing.| Photo Source

Activities (click to open)

All terrain vehicle (ATV) rides

A ride through the rough and scenic back-roads of Naga City aboard ATVs will surely be a great way to reach attractions at the foot of Mt. Isarog, including the refreshing cascades of Malabsay and the healing waters at the Panicuason Hot Springs.

Waterfalls hopping

Aside from being the home of the majestic Mt. Isarog, Metro Naga is also blessed with more than 40 known waterfalls, such as the 40-meter high Nalalata Falls in Bula, the enigmatic Engkanto Falls in Libmanan and the giant waterfalls in Pili.

Hiking, trekking and mountain-climbing

Adventurous travelers can hike up to Mt. Isarog and enjoy one of the last remaining rainforests in South Luzon. A favorite among mountain climbers, nature enthusiasts are drawn to the mountain’s moss covered trails and its varied flora and fauna.

The most famous path to the summit, the Panicuason Trail, starts at the entrance of the Mt. Isarog National Park in Naga City. Known for its rich biodiversity, including the endemic Isarog cloud rat and shrew rat, the mountain is as captivating as it is challenging.


Mt. Isarog is an exciting site for cyclists. Enthusiasts will enjoy the challenging terrain, with lush forests and a panoramic view of Naga City as backdrop.

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